Twin Cities races in September

September is an awesome time for running in the Twin Cities. The heat and humidity is mostly gone, it is still light out after work and the trails are a little less packed. There are also quite a few races to pick from!

The following is a non-exhaustive list of upcoming races in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas. For more races in the Twin Cites, check out our race calendar. As always, feel free to let us know if we’ve missed your favorite race!

09/01/12 Women Rock St. Paul Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K
09/02/12 Victory Labor Day Races Minneapolis 10K, 5K
09/07/12 Taste of Greece 5K Minneapolis 5K
09/08/12 Mill City Suds Run Minneapolis 5K
09/09/12 City of Lakes 25K Minneapolis 25K (15.5mi)
09/11/12 People for Parks Minneapolis 5K
09/15/12 Muscle Milk Woodsy Savage 4.9mi, 8.9mi
09/22/12 Dash for Dad Minneapolis 10mi, 5K
09/23/12 Women Run the Cities Minneapolis 10mi, 5K

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